Trust Alliance Budget 2021 Response

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May 12, 2021


With nearly $1 billion allocated to support the digital economy strategy, it is pleasing to see that the federal government is taking steps to invest in Australia’s digital economy, and get behind the private sector as part of the country’s post-COVID recovery.

“This investment highlights the important role civil society should play during a time where the government seeks to expand its use of citizen data,” Trust Alliance Chair, Louise Gray, said.  “Investments in digitisation are important and should be part of a considered strategy that gives weight to emerging technologies.”

The Data Availability and Transparency Bill 2020 and its potential to improve data sharing across government departments offers an opportunity to engage meaningfully with civil society.   Civil society provides an important role in advocating for vulnerable countries and providing transparency to the public.  In doing so, it works to ensure that any form of data sharing or expansion of data collection by our government is performed in a manner that respects and strengthens our democracy.

The Budget also features a $168.2m investment to expand data sharing and availability across a range of public and private domains, and $501.9m to streamline government services via investments in myGov and My Health Records system.  The global economy stands at the precipice of another significant shift toward digital standards, driven by blockchain and web3 technologies. This shift is laying the foundation for new data standards and infrastructure that make it easier for individuals to control their data, and cheaper for industry and third-parties to consume this data.

There exists a wide array of opportunities to leverage these emerging technologies across the governments digitisation agenda, from myGov and identity services through to the standards underpinning the Consumer Data Right.  The Trust Alliance supports consideration of the impact of these emerging technologies on the lifespan of current digital investments, ensuring tax payers money is spent efficiently and effectively.

About the Trust Alliance
The Trust Alliance is a multi-sector collaboration committed to the shared principles of do no harm, humanity first, open ecosystems, equity, and transparency.   Our mission is to lead the emergence of a useful and ethical digital identity ecosystem and use of technology to address known, shared risks and to protect and support vulnerable people through digital identity and credential management. 

Louise Gray
Trust Alliance Chair
0423 695 088

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